Virtual Gallery

  • Photo - Consolidation of books in trays, empty trays are recycled for reuse, shelf space is recovered

    Tray Consolidation

    Warehouse Operations Team consolidate books in trays, empty trays are reused, shelf space is recovered.

  • Image of side by side signatures. One is printed, one is Ripley's autograph.

    Ripley's autograph?

    Owned by Widener Library

  • Picture of book with google eyes.  Placed in envelope enclosure for safe storage.

    Being watched while you work....

    Google eyed book is placed in an enclosure for safe storage. Owned by Widener Library

  • Shelf fix cards are filled out when a tray is in the wrong location. Using data provided, corrections are then made by HD staff.

    Shelf Fix Card

    Filled out by staff when a tray is in the wrong location. Collected cards are used to fix multiple trays in one trip.

  • Image of a signed cook book of Julia Child's.  Owned by Scheslinger Library.

    Part of Julia Child's personal collection

    Owned by Schlesinger Library.